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  Hello! I’m Zoe

I started my travel blog to share my adventures with the world and most of all to educate & inspire others to do the same

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My Way

For as long as I can remember I dreamt of travelling the world but, My Way.

Travel to me is to escape into other peoples’ worlds, to marvel at the beauty that often gets overshadowed – people or nature, preferably both. It makes me happy and what is life if not happiness.

My Way doesn’t involve fancy hotels, or in fact any hotels at all, and to be honest I’m not overly keen on hostels – but it is not the end of the world if a hostel appears to be the best option in an area. What I enjoy most is staying with local people, learning the local hotspots, local insights, activities, language, food and culture.


I grew up in beautiful North Wales – UK, and trust me all of Wales is stunning, if you haven’t been then I advise you add it to your list.

I have brothers so I was always into the outdoors and getting mucky just as much as they were. Yes, I had Barbie dolls, but my Barbie dolls would have their hair chopped short and fight with toy soldiers. Growing up in what could be seen as a slightly dysfunctional family, I always had the urge to go out and explore what else was out there, well that, and my all time favourite film being The Parent Trap due to my dreams and high hopes of being sent to summer camp to find I had a twin sister.

My academic background includes a diploma in Animal Management and a BSc (hons) degree in Conservation Biology and Animal Behaviour. Whereas my employment and experience ranges from milking cows to being a Business Development Manager (with working with the homeless, waitressing, cetacean research, administration, marketing, beach school leader, retail assistant, volunteer coordinator, restaurant employee and events catering somewhere in the middle!) So you could say I’m extremely versatile and a bit of an ‘all-rounder’ but one thing is for sure, whatever it is I am doing I will strive to do my best and never give up.

Versatility is a key skill needed for travel, and let’s be honest, for life in general! I, more than most, know what it is to be faced with everything life can throw at you, but I’m not going to talk about this here – why? because life isn’t about the past, it’s about how you live in the present and how you create your own future. This is how I have chosen to live my life, and this is how I feel fulfilled every day of it.