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What not to do on the first night ?>

What not to do on the first night

17315_10152854138137466_7334839587221577543_nI was waved off from the train station by my best friend and her boy. I was exhilarated by my forthcoming travels and had not even a seed of doubt or worry in my mind about ‘going it alone’.

Off I went. Train to Manchester Airport then flight to Split, Croatia.

I’ll explain a little about my first night in Croatia. I have travelled many places but this time I thought ‘You know what, I’m just going to get there’. The extent of my planning was choosing the location – Plitvice Lakes National Park had been the desktop background on every computer I had ever used and from the day that I found out where this stunning place could be found, it was number one on the bucket list.

So there I was, in Split, with no accommodation booked & also no pre-planned arrangements of how to find accommodation. I had just got off the bus from the airport, it was approximately 10:30 at night and the sky was roaring with thunder whilst absolutely lashing down with rain. This was the point when I thought to myself ‘What the…have you done?! Why did you not book any accommodation?! Why not at least Google where some hostels are located and print off a map?! I want to go home!’

After pulling myself together, I saw some stereotypical ‘backpacker’ type people walking quite a way ahead of me. They had their luggage so I figured that they must be heading towards a hostel. I followed them – in a non-creepy, stalkerish way. I just happened to be walking in the same direction as sadly they were too far ahead for me to go and ask if they had any directions.


Brilliant! They had led me to a whole backstreet of hostels. I went to the open door of the one that looked most respectable and luckily for me, feeling like a drowned rat, they had a bed…in a 12-bed dorm & underneath an elderly man who snored louder than a collection of New Year fireworks accidently exploding inside a metal trash can.

Advice – Plan your accommodation, even if just for the first night. Yes it worked out for me. But this was after a horrible feeling of being alone, lost and ‘bed-less’ for the night and seriously considering if I knew myself as a person. Also, when I did this, it was in low season – I would expect accommodation to be much harder to come across in the summer months.


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