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Nature Conservation

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Within my travel blog I have included  information about different species and scenery that I have captured with my camera while exploring. This is what I love most about travel. Seeing amazing wildlife that I have only ever learnt about before and breathtaking scenery that I could never have thought existed.

Conservation is a topic so close to my heart. It’s a part of who I am: nature, outdoors, environment, wildlife, habitats, landscapes, seascapes.

roseWe are all a part of the world we live in, and we share that world with some incredible and fascinating species.

Conservation is not exploiting animals yet knowing that without zoos and wildlife parks we may not have a keen interest to begin with, we may not have ways to learn so much about different species and be able to re-establish populations.

Conservation is not supporting blood sports yet knowing that human presence and loss of habitat requires populations to be controlled.

Conservation is appreciating every species yet knowing that some have to be culled to prevent harm to others.

Conservation is learning about nature and Earth’s biodiversity with the aim of protecting species, their habitats, and ecosystems.

Conservation is wanting to do more than just exist in the world, it is the desire to make a difference and have a positive impact.

I oftengraywhale find myself fighting with my own ethics. I would love to live as sustainably as possible yet here I am jumping onto an aeroplane at every opportunity. Another example, Whales: as a Conservation Biologist I sometimes think things are much greater than us, we are not part of their existence and they should be left alone – protected, not
meddled with.  Yet I want to feel overwhelmed at the sight of a Blue Whale, search for Narwhals, and stroke a Gray Whale as much as the next marine fanatic. I believe there is a line between minimal impact and ‘meddling’ which can often become blurred – I suggest that you, like I do, make your own decisions when travelling. You will know what feels wrong, so although I do not advise you begin a one man tie-yourself-to-a-tree-naked protest, you can choose not participate in certain activities.