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10 Things to do at Whale Camp ?>

10 Things to do at Whale Camp

I was fortunate enough to spend 10 days at ‘Whale Camp’ with ODYSSEA and ROW Sea Kayak Adventures in Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico. This is by far one of my favourite trips to-date. Magdalena Bay, located on Baja’s Pacific coast, is the world-renowned winter nursery grounds of the California Gray whale. Late January through early March, hundreds of gray whales mate and bear their young in these protected waters after traveling over 5000 miles from the Bering Strait…

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What not to do on the first night ?>

What not to do on the first night

I was waved off from the train station by my best friend and her boy. I was exhilarated by my forthcoming travels and had not even a seed of doubt or worry in my mind about ‘going it alone’. Off I went. Train to Manchester Airport then flight to Split, Croatia. I’ll explain a little about my first night in Croatia. I have travelled many places but this time I thought ‘You know what, I’m just going to get there’….

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The Bucket List ?>

The Bucket List

We all need to start somewhere, this has been my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Of course, my list is interminable, continuously receiving additional locations and activities but, this was my very basic start and I found that rather than being satisfied with ticking off the list as I go, I instead acquire the burning desire to add more.

Thanks for visiting! ?>

Thanks for visiting!

Thank you for visiting Dewdrops & Dragonflies I’m so excited for you to be here and would love to answer any questions you may have or you can tell me about your own wonderful adventures!